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A quiet night

It’s 4:37am currently, couldn’t sleep as I pretty much had a good nap after work. I couldn’t help thinking about a lot of things. Maybe my emotions is really getting numb and I don’t really feel anything much these days. All I know is that just now it was nice seeing someone smile at me….

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Final Year

It’s been 10 months since I last posted. I was really going through tough times alone during my second semester in year 3 as most of my friends left for exchange. Committed myself to join two Freshmen Orientation programs conducted by ADM and NTUMS; One as Senior Attached, and the other as Publicity Head. The…

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Pre-Exchange Meetup with Beng, Lian & Trannie

Had my first good mala-petaka meal with my beng, lian and a rannie. Gonna miss these idiots when they go for exchange. I think I’m too old to chill and talk about anything under the sun, or maybe I’m just dead inside; tired after a whole day of reservist and shit. It’s gonna be almost…

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First Love

you will always be inside my heart you will always have your own place I hope that I have a place in your heart too now and forever you are still the one

Sending Chris off

mood: tired from the roller coaster of emotions It has been a year and a half since I last wrote here. A lot of things happened, mainly those mistakes from the choices that I made. It’s the end of the year 3 semester 1 of my life here in NTU. Successfully established a few close…

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mood: insecure I think I should just scrap the mood thingy. It will always be negative everytime I post here. Sometimes I really do wonder why life is so tiring. Like you have to entertain and be good upon others, just so that you could barely maintain a good friendship or relationship. I’m seriously pretty…

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mood: depressed It’s already the year 2017. Didn’t update anything for the year 2016. But it was a great year I feel. Atleast it’s better than this year. Even though I had a few arguments with Lenny and the gang, we had a great time at Sabah and spend most of the time chilling and…

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To new beginnings

The semester ended two weeks ago, but I am pretty much still busy with my wedding assignments and my quest to gain back all those sleepless nights rushing my assignments. A brief note that this post will be picture-heavy as I want to document what I’ve been doing in school and hopefully give some useful…

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After suffering a ton of headaches setting up the server, I finally managed to get it back online. It might not be much now but I will be updating my journal occasionally to keep track of time and the work I have done. Subscribe to see my progress and we can all learn along the…

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