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November 2016

To new beginnings

The semester ended two weeks ago, but I am pretty much still busy with my wedding assignments and my quest to gain back all those sleepless nights rushing my assignments. A brief note that this post will be picture-heavy as I want to document what I’ve been doing in school and hopefully give some useful…

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After suffering a ton of headaches setting up the server, I finally managed to get it back online. It might not be much now but I will be updating my journal occasionally to keep track of time and the work I have done. Subscribe to see my progress and we can all learn along the…

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It’s been awhile

Hello everyone! Some of you may or may not know me. To begin, people usually call me (or rather, I always ask people to address me as) Kai or Kaienx for short. It has been so long since I last wrote something on the internet for public viewing, so maybe it’s about time. So many things…

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