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July 2012

I’ll be back

mood: sleepless I’ll Be Back You will find me standing here with you That’s when I’ll be back again for you There’s no way anyone could ever love you the way that I do Clocked out from work early today, was very tired and sleepy. Remember my previous post, saying that I never had any…

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A Long Day

mood: tired; Ham Eun–jeong (Hangul: 함은정) from T-ARA. <3 It was a very long day for me today, didn’t really have a good sleep. I’m supposed to be resting now but for the sake of inking my memories and feelings at this place, am going to stay up. The reason why I’m very sleepy right now…

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Major Project

mood: sleepy while waiting for hair to dry. These days, time has been passing by so fast; as usual. It’s already the 6th day of fasting month and at the same time the 4th week of this term for my school. Sad to say, my major project is stuck as I can’t figure out how to…

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An Old Flame Part 4

mood: restless Sometimes, this is how I felt every single time when I look at myself. Didn’t think that I would have lasted up until now. I have been thinking a lot lately, about myself and the future. And truthfully I’m a little bit scared of what’s going to happen. I feel so frustrated at…

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An Old Flame Part 3

mood: empty. nabilahsafaruan ‏@nerrbelle  .. happy 10 yrs friendship bro. n that was a great catch up just now, n most probably the last one? :p thank you :)) @kaien__ nabilahsafaruan ‏@nerrbelle  met an aljunied guy in mrt way back in 2002 when we were 12 yr old. coming frm an all girls school,hes my first friend of…

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