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March 2009

An Old Flame Part 1

mood: appreciated.I found this in Nabilah’s blog. An old flame.30th March 2009 I get contacted again with ma long lost friend! I accepted a friend request, viewed the profile, check out the school (that’s what I’ll usually look for. don’t really know why), but without browsing the photos. I was quite worried if this Chinese…

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Ignorance is Bliss

mood: complete set. Taken from Atikah’s blog:Q, firstly, i would like to say sorry for eveything. i know im to blame for whats happening right now. im full of remorse, regret and guilt. i never expected things to turn out this way. i thought, i could just gain a few more friends through you. but…

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Wahidah, Diyana, Atikah

mood: ..I’ve got alot to say but yet so little time eh? Just in a blink of an eye it’s friday again. And alot has happened to the people around me and it’s really affecting me alot. But the most I wanna highlight is on Wahidah, Diyana and Atika. Firstly Atika somehow felt that I’m…

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Trivial Things

mood: agitatedAcez oh Acez, please for once just be patient can? Why such trivial things you wants to get agitated and frustrated? Isn’t it a little bit childish of you? If you lost your mood because of this then how about me? You always keeps things about Arifah from me. I know I have no…

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