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January 2009

Tough Waves

mood: sickLife is getting better, I’ve managed to pass through a few tough waves. Now is the time where I will find back all of my stronger self and will come back with a better personality. Just watch me, my strength of the world because you’ve given me alot of motivations indirectly.Thank you, Diyana. As…

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mood: frustratedOkay this is getting real frustrating like shitNoone’s there to hear me out right at this moment when I really needed someone to rant on. I guess friends really are just come and go. This is shit, first thing: Arifah is being a real bitch cause from what I’ve heard from Diyana is that…

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mood: happy-gooberI can’t really believe that I met that someone from the past which I used to love alot.But now, when we meet up; it kinda feels awkward but somehow I was happy, frustrated and sad at the same time.I don’t know why.She’s very happy eh now?But somehow I can really feel that she’s been…

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Repeating Story

mood: emotionlessIt’s really getting pretty irritating when the exact same repeating story is happening right now, and the thing is that: I hate it so much. I noticed that everytime I’m doing my part as a friend, understand their problems and stuffs, hearing rants and stuffs; Why can’t atleast just one time understand my situation,…

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False Fronts

mood: trying to stop thingsI’ve been limiting myself these days. My false fronts isn’t really that strong, but I hate this feeling of being alone. The time where I’m going to lose everything is starting, I’m beginning to get stuck in this repeating story even if I don’t want to.This sucks. When you’re fated, no…

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