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December 2008


mood: depressing This picture reminds me of my own inner self. How I wish I could potray myself as being so emotionless, so depressing. Atleast I wouldn’t have to trouble alot of people by my own negative feelings. My current band is a total mess-up, out of 5 only 3 of the original line-up shows…

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Atleast someone knows my life’s full of situations that’s always revolve around me. Quoted from D’fiee at msn:♥fiee. says:you knmow some ppl might think giving a hug is like giving the feeling of not-so-regular r’ship? yeap, she misunderstood.but cant blame her, some others might feel the samw way too.and about passing y a block. you…

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mood: disheartened.this sucks, taken from D’s blog. ): And to Qayyum,I know youre reading this,why why did u text me those sweet msges and to think u even had the thinking of fetching me from school and wanting a hug from me?Cmon,I thought u were someone sensible,sensible enough to know whats right and whats wrong,why…

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mood: heartacheIs this what it means by what goes around comes around?I really hate this feeling, I’ve got to know a secret, from my own love.What she has done is the exact same thing as what I did to my most loved ex-girlfriend. I guess this is what karma really is. I won’t tell her…

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