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May 2008

Metamorphosis Evolution

mood: upset & regret.Evening StarInto the endless we rideUnveil the darkness behindAbandoned glory hidden, castaway we ride Now will the sky surrenderForever through the neverA silent whisper echoes through my restless heart tonight Now and forever afterAsylums filled with laughterSuspicion haunts my dreamsAn echo through my mind This starlit gaze reminds meAre you so blind…

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mood: sick & hyper modeChange The WorldI want to change the worldPiercing through the gales, unafraid of anything,Now I hold my courage and pieces of my smileChange my mindIf we reach out to the soaring futurewithout losing our passion, we’ll be able to shine,It’s wonderland You’ve left something in the far reaches of the grey…

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One Enemy

mood: mixed feelingsclass sucks,one enemy = no motivation to study 101% at all. friends: great.i’m loving someone too i guess. last week was full of mixed emotions and limit breaks my patience and mood starts to get off easily. putting up a strong front,here i go. & my tears in the rain..