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February 2008

I didn’t mean to hurt you

mood:worried + pushing myself to the,i’m really sorry if i can’t be your greatest boyfriendbut if saying sorry doesnt really works.i don’t really know what to say.i know you’re hurt buti didn’t meant to hurt you.would you please talk to me?i won’t rest myself until i have atleast hear your voice.please? one last chance..

Nothing to do

mood: boredthere’s simply nothing to do today,life had always been like this isn’t it?love was real sweet although i misunderstood what she was asking forbut whatever it is i will struggle hard to this relationship okay?oh,and saturday’s had always been a fuck-ed up day,cause raimi and farhaimi always have different plans and both asked me…

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I’m sorry again, love.

mood: disheartened..Deep TearsI’m so tired of being heresuppressed by all my childish fearsAnd if you have to leaveI wish that you would just leaveCause your presence still lingers here And it won’t leave me aloneThese wounds won’t seem to healThis pain is just too realThere’s just too much that time cannot erase When you cried…

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End of the Moonlight

mood: tired..End of The MoonlightTears are flickering;It’s completely the moon’s lightLove is like a white swingThe woman’s mind is a wonder Your face in profile is attractive;It has a cool reticenceThe moonlight has me in a dreamy state of mindDear, I love you Like the sea under the last falling sunMy awareness calmly in your…

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mood: sleepy & tiredHikariOn that day, we walked our separate waysI wonder what kind of excuses should I come up with nowI sense weakness which could not be concealed every time I stumble blindlyYour existence on that day strangles this body With my firm self, I swear to the future that I will believe in…

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mood: contentedSweet AngelThe ocean wind tickling my cheekThe mornings I allow myself to doze off With the happiness that may vanishSurrounded by the sweet reverberations I love you, only you, alwaysLet me strongly feel that pure soul Lighting a fire on a piece of romanceI want to chase after youIf alone together, without caringMelting as…

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Triple Posting

mood: fallen in love? i thinkFirstThe history of my loveStarted from our first cuddleSuprisingly it casted magic on my destinyAnd you suddenly appeared There are two moon in the indelible sky;That’s impossible, right?It’s the first time I have a feeling like this!This place quickly grows comfortable A sweet smile;I still haven’t woken up from the…

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White Reflection

mood:fuck-ed up.White ReflectionI feel your love reflectionIn your eyes as they gaze back into mineWriting a distant, neverending story As if throwing off the sadness and painI soared to the skyAnd in my heart, I spread wideThe wings of courage that you’ve given to me I want to feel the beat of this irreplacable loveSo…

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Memory getting worse

mood: angered.Ash Like SnowAn ebony darkness that dyes the sky redSwallowed the stardustAsh like snow falls and accumulates briefly I gazed at the window of griefI never dreamedFreezing onto itThere…I come for you My thoughts soared upInto the desolate night sky and shatteredEvery time when this world changed its shapeIt destroyedThe things that I wanted…

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mood: blurredTragediaI’m all alone in the big city,Thrown away like an empty can.If love is love until we know everything about each otherThen let’s sleep forever.. Until the world come to an end, we won’t be apart.I wished it for countless nightsWhy does the past destroyEven the worn-out heart that shines?Melancholically fleeting thoughts… On this…

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