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September 2006

23 Days with Diyana

its been 23 days since i’m with her.. and my life never been rocking like this before.. i hearts her so muchh even hurts me when we can’t acknowledge each other, put our pics at friendster main photos or walk togetherr.. i don’t care.. i promised her, and her cousin that i’d make her…

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Meeting with her

haluui’m back with a big smile!. ahas. todae maybe meeting dears..HAHASi’ll update later aights. nak siap2. heehee BYE.


o1o9o6 [edited. =)] heys. my misery days are over. i’m whole once again .. and atlast i can smile to sleep. anywaes. dearies is leaving singapore today!. aww. then two days gitu cannot message her . so bad hah. and she is best . =) oi diyana. i love u la, hear me or not?…

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