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August 2006


im crying again.i’ve never felt this feeling before.this feeling of unappreciation. i’d msg everytime u were online. and i’ve got no reply. or sometimes. reply. but BUSYi’d call u everytime, open a conversation, but you seems not to even care.i’d sms u everytime. no matter when, but all i got are short messages. or even…..

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Until I find all that is love

my song. goes to.. anyone who appreciates me.. A dry breeze is blowingthe city is getting coldI wonder how many seasons have passedwithout even a sound? All of the people coming and goingbear heavy burdenssearching for tomorrowwithin the heat haze wavering in the distance Feelings like sandfalling through my hands…Back then, the words that pierced…

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Open up your mind

Open Up Your MindEven when it seems that nothing can go rightand you want to just give up,if you close your eyes,you can see the world from your heart. In this world when life can be so toughyou must be strongjust believe in yourself and don’t you fearSo open up your mind and close your…

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