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July 2006

Basketball Tryouts

i’m whole body is aching.but i forced my self to get up.even if noones there to give me a hand. anywaes.its all because of the basket ball thing la40 push ups all the way? wth. ! and running 7 rounds and @ every corner must do different exercise. wtf.! but then. it helped me…

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I want to believe in you

i just love her. hahas. anywae.. im starting to like basketball. ahhas. dey say i got hidden talent. hmms. since when sey. hahas &im feeling tired nowadaes. always sleepy sia..ahahs. .. .. hmms. gt nth much to say here. so i just end it off with my favourite quotee!! [-tatoe hitori demo, kimi nokoto shinjiteita..-][-i…

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