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June 2006

High School Musical

Todayoh i so the realise that i’d had noone and its better be that way . cause im sick and tired of them well. 2nd day of school, i’ve becoming my self. happy for that. =) &&, i love vanessa & zac. they look nice together. and both of their voice combine together, it rawk…

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Soccer Match

24th April 2006err. went to bedok north with [-farhaimi-] . den chillz with him den iskandar came. so we go masjid. den we slack dere. until i go home 25th April 2006went to watch match between petals and ??? i dun’t know their name. but. whatever. they won. so what the fuck? there’s always winning…

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Hangin’ out with Farhaimi thought of dying in my house.but [-farhaimi-] called me. he invited me to hang out with themso . i hanged out. had a great time. went to tampines. den to bedok. chillin’ with them rocks my world . =)

Can’t forget about you

can’t you hear me say?i just can’t forget about you la.even when i try to find a replacement.i kept thinking of you. why do my life has to be miserable.i wished that you were mine. but no. you were taken. haiz.. yesterday never went out. today too. maybe im better of dead anywae. haishz.

A Dream About Liyana

wei. heluu~i can’t sleep la. and and. i’m doin’ my mp4 for my phone. hahas. uploadin videos. 🙂 den den. yesterdae. i sleep. u noe what? this kinda weird but. this time. i dream of my 2nd ex siaa~. wat the hell? but this time different la.. she and i hold hands goin’ to a…

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A Dream About Nabilah

morning peeps. or issit? hahasjust woke up around 11.45. then then. i batthe.&& then i open up my laptop and decided to post at my crypt. hahas. wei. last night i didnt sleep well. around 2.30 den i get to sleepden den kan. i never thought that i dreamt of HER.well.. actually before i sleep….

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Layout Updated

layout updated. yay. 3 months never update layout. kinda bored. so . i create new one. this time . simple .:)just learned how to create my own mp3 player. yays.&& my life’s NOT cool. haish. byes!