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December 2005

A dream of you in a world without you.

“to lose is togain, and to gain is to lose”maybe theres something in my memories that is kept unlocked..but nothing could be able to reach it..and to remember is to forget. and to forget is to remember.. deep inside my heart..i noe theres someone out there..who can unlock this hidden memories,to the other side of…

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Breaking the Habit

waiting..have i waited for 3 pathetic years for nothing?or issit for everything? 10 ex, i have.but none i love,cause i only love you.. does love needs sacrifice?sometimes i’ve to let go..but this time. i wont.. confusedepressedi always say what i never meant.but when it comes to the phrase..“i love you” i meant it from the…

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To live just for you

what’s the point of living?when you’re dying?i have hopesbut i cant copeall this thing in this worldi love’d them till im oldi’ve had everythingbut im still thinkingwhats the point of living?for what?i’ll be waiting for you so..if you come hereyou’ll find mei promise**a great poem by me at very this time..** hmms. k. whats the…

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The truth hurts

heys..this world is full of lovethe pain that i suffered from loveis so much painful den everbut how long would i keep going like this?i wanted to say i love youbut seems that my heart is dragging me awayfrom that three words.. my heart is shiveringthis world is full of liessometimes..even truth hurts. what for…

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This is Dark Angel

Long time never life has been okay. i juz realised dat im not alone.there are still friends tat cared for me.thanks everyone for being there for me.especially zal.. hari raya had just passed..and i felt really happy.. i never felt this feeling before..but its great. 😉 its okay if old frens forgotten me. i…

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