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July 2005

To talk behind my back

if someone can talk behind about me & underestimate me so many times, why can’t i,once, talk about them.. geez.. i also need to vent my frustration sia.. dunch think they all have feelings la.. i also have la.. im not as perfect as ever, but atleast i never made mistakes or intend to make…

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Never listen to my advice

heys.. why is life wonderful with love and hatreds? i can’t answer this question, because i never even know wat is love & hatred all about.. even thought i have been through these two before.. it seems that both are like the same only on the opposite side.. its just like good and bad.. lols…..

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Only one

why did i let u go in the first place, i won’t repeat the same mistake again, the girl i loved, im gonna get her, until i’ve being rejected, but i noe, if i love that someone, i love her 100% from my heart.. haiz.. this is to you (my ex) who let me go/let…

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Faded feelings

Hi,Its been a long time since i have updated this blog,well, i’ve been keeping myself quite buzy lately,but hey, life has been a rocky + exciting journey for me,i liked it.. hmm.. What if,you like somebody who has a boy very much?and u dont want to tell anyone..even ur closest friend..the girl is so close…

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Why am i so lonely? do i have to live my life as this way?Or did i chose this path on my own?If i chose this path..i regretted it.Cause living the single life is driving me crazy.Even though people can’t feel it..But i can. I hope maybe i will find my true love some day..I…

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