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May 2005


im bored, where ARE you? im here waiting for you.. why wont you come to me? because u noe u have set me free.. and u have broke my heart.. like a glass shattered in pieces.. i noe i loved you.. but now i hated you.. dont be like this.. please.. im waiting for you…..

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This Song

Haiz..This song really meant for me..“i still feel your touch. in my dreams..”im fantasizing her.. yesterday i cried when i was sleeping.. i juz noticed it when i woke up and felt my eyes filled with tears..i juz want her to noe.. that i still love her.. but love = happiness of the girl.. so…

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Dead on Monday

~Love~Love starts with friendship..grew until relationship..but will break down like a reckless ship..maybe one day i will realise it..that true love isnt always the best..but it feels perfect =) no comments.. im dead on monday.. serious..byes.

Who is she?

Hello.. Exams is here again.. so fast already May.. and i have to study hard to pass my exam.. But computer games are juz too tempting.. hehe.. and my blog too.. =D.. i still managed to post though.. yesterday was english.. and its a bit hard.. and the compre was all about.. hmm cats? lol…..

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