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April 2005

Jealousy and Envy

Hi All.. Sorry haven’t updates all this while.. been bz with my life.. hehe.. well.. for your information.. MAYBE i found my mrs perfect.. but hey.. i cant trust her that much.. i just cant trust anyone.. i dont noe why.. but this feeling inside me juz cant accept it.. maybe i try to fall…

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Like a Living Hell

im bored.. u noe why? because my life sucks.. my life is like a living hell.. hahahakz.. joking lar.. my life is pretty good dis daes.. i got many things settled down and im really concentrated in my studies.. but .. its getting pretty bored since i have quitted long john silver.. theres no new…

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Long John Silver Part 2

Long John Silver..It isnt always what i thought to be..Just Working.. but hey.. There’s always a story behind everything..Even this..So many things happened..damned!..I visitted Uzair at Changi General Hospital because his leg is broken,About Him having a steady..People never trusted me.. but actually.. i dont even care..Hehe.. Well.. I juz got my pay i bought…

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