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February 2005

Betrayed Part 1

Iryadi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna kill you for what u have done to me, uzair and sheikh.. BASTARD! he make up fake stories and told to his class.. and i was beaten for nothing.. cheebye.. if i see him.. im gonna kill him like a hatred person killing love! arghh!! this is what i called.. REVENGE!!! Revenge…

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Treat people the way you wanna be treated

I am nice if u treat me nice.. but dont disturb me cause i hate it.. Now i never disturb people.. dont ever2 disturb me… I cant trust Iryadi and the gang too much.. Every words he said is a lie.. nothing is true.. i hate it.. thats why now i dont want to be…

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Mind your own business

Haiz.. well from now on. im gonna be the way i am.. and as the saying goes.. “Kalau ako tak kacau org.. org tak kacau ako..” and the other way round too.. u noe why? because im tired of taking care of them.. i juz gave up.. i gave up everything (except for someone who…

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Dance Performance

Hmm.. the c.n.y perfomance were quite well.. i did all my dance perfectly..well.. im a bit scared but i juz dance.. Everybody cheered for me and Uzair.. nobody cheered for sheikh.. cause he didnt do it well…he didnt have the coordination with me and uzair.. haiz.. talking bout sheikh.. his such a flirt.. every girl…

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Searching for Me

bored.. bored.. bored.. geez.. there’s so many people searching for me than the other time.. omfg? haha.. not afraid.. hehe.. joking only lar.. hmm.. well.. now im not single anymore for 8 months.. wee!! atlast.. gonna try make this relationship last….. please god help me.!!!!