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January 2005


Fucked Up.. Uzair left me alone at Nanyang Poly.. chao chee bye. but i juz hold my tears… damn.. its all because of his cousin.. chao chee bye!!!!!.. Haiz.. im losing hope.. i cant take it anymore.. wheres SUZILIANI a.K.a GEGERL!!!!!!!!!! argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prefects Badge

Hmm.. today i got my prefects badge !! wee.. im so happy.. although the inverstiture was such a scary experience (stage fright..) .. it was a memorial experience though…. i love it!!!! den after school, went to pasir ris to search for uzair’s girlfriend.. we ride bus like 2 rounds.. because we missed siglap secondary…

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My Mistakes?? cheating people… thats all… and ppl started to hate me… lame reason.. but they have the rights… haiz…. im gonna start a new life again…. damned.. im like a reincarnation of an immortal.. haiz… i hate that… damned.. my family sucks… i wish i were staying alone…

Never Forget

forgotten about the past.. not interested in the present.. patience for the future… this is my new principle now.. but as i say.. i still forgive but i wont forget.. remember that.. damn..! heard that ppl from melayusg is searching for me.. for wat? stupid idiotic reason because i write my profile like that.. cheebye…

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Nurul Jannah Part 4

Haiz.. fucked up .. and this time really really2 fucked up! NOW I REALLY noe everything.. Nuwul didnt even like me.. she liked faz.. and faz liked hanys… and hanys liked me.. then we all rejected each other.. arghh!! so fucked up siak.. and now.. i dont want to contact any body else again.. bubye!

Nurul Jannah Part 3

bad luck.. i hate my lyfe.. well.. i really2 love nuwul very2 much.. its juz that i dont noe how to make the first move!.. but then.. izfarhan said that hanys like me.. argh…. but i really2 love nuwul siak.. damn.. i went to jurong to meet nuwul.. and she was like allways paying attention…

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Pink Backpack

argh!!!! im so mad .. im so bored going to school.. but i made alot of friends from sec 1 .. hahahakz.. damn they tease me cause im wearing pink beg.. as usual .. i still love nuwul very2 the much.. dont noe if she appreciate it or not.. btw.. Izfarhan and Shad, izfarhan wins…

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Nurul Jannah Part 2

sad day…i, izfarhan and fik went to lakeside to meet nuwul.. den go lepak2 den nuwul had to go back home first.. then i told her my feelings for her.. then like we kished each other.. aww man..!! den at mrt.. fik told me that in the past she liked farhan.. den i was like…

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