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December 2004

A Pleasant Year

Happy New Year Ever One… last year had been so greatful, being thru thick and thins … gaining experience of a lifetime.. well.. its been a pleasant year… many had happened.. but its all in the past now.. we must live on.. well.. nuwul is spendin her countdown at malaysia.. hehe.. apek’berg also @ his…

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Bro & Sis

Hello.. so bored.. all the way at home.. hmmm. did i tell u about our bs? bro and siz.. hehe.. its become more and more popular right now.. 19 people had joined this group.. my good friend sara become the leader for the sista, and my friend [izfarhan] is the leader for the brothers, haiz…..

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Nurul Jannah Part 1

hello,long time never blog..sorry..cause my sister take laptop to the office…well, the other day we conference at fik’s hp.. fik’s lied to me an izfarhan, cause he said that nuwul (my ex) were adilah.. but it was her.. izfarhan and i knew it.. then, i remember what nuwul did to me.. i was very sad…..

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New Uniform

hie …. went to school today to buy the new uniform.. omg… so sucky..yellow and red? omfg.. like a clown . hahahakz..but nvm though.. saw atika..omg.. she’s so gorgeous.. hahakz.. met some new students of tkss.. then saw asri .. we go back home together.. then play cs… and then he and i were friends…

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Argument with Sister

Okay, what a boring days i had at home.. fought with my sister because of this stupid laptop.. but nvm though.. 🙂 i juz hope she learnt her lesson hahakz.. u know i noe… iswandy also noe.. hehe.. btw.. tommorow i have to go to school to buy uniforms for prefect!! atlast .. i will…

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Haiz.. theres some misunderstanding with me, [didi] and [ izfarhan ] .. haiz… but we still brothers though.. we planned that nothing could seperate us.. hehe.. well.. when i hear this song.. i remembered my ex.. liyana.. (minah ferring oi!) hehe.. but shes so nice.. and pretty.. but we had some misunderstanding.. and broke off…..

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Well.. we have opened new brotherhoods.. it is me, izfarhan, and didi.. well.. i have quite changed alot since i relax with them.. hehe.. i like them because they can understand me.. well.. we take care of Sheikh and Ady, their friends as well..


hmm..i juz noe that the girl i liked is ATTACHED.. but she lied to me.. she said that she’s single.. haiz… juz now when to “relek2” with [Izfarhan] and his friends.. we “relek2” at bedok south cause at our “port” theres something unusual going on.. haiz.. then we take pictures together2.. we video cam using…

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Well.. today hmm.. not much though i went to Bedok with [Izfarhan] then when to “Orang Kahwin” ceremony, after that.. [Izfarhan]’s auntie wants us to follow her to go to East Coast cause she wanted to “Blanjer” us..!! So happy sia.. we ate till our stomach’s exploded.. lol! around 9.00 we went home.. After i…

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I was being Punked?! that was wat my reaction were when i knew that shakila wasnt shakila.. but [Faizul] who played a nasty joke on me.. Curse YOU!Damn that Uzair has broken off our brothers blood.. he has been influenced from that gangster.. [Brother Nai], but we are still FRIENDS! well.. i still hates Uzair…

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