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November 2004


Well, my luck is atleast better gonna buy a new handphone soon!!! but i am still angry with someone.. because she didnt meet me juz now1!(you noe who right?) juz now went jalan2 with iryadi all that..


Haiz.. BAD LUCK! My handphone lost, i broke up with liyana, we got caught by police, iryadi’s eyes were burnt and punched.. haiz.. btw.. Selamat hari raya.. even though this hari raya were not that meaningful to me..


Wow!, today raining cats & dogs sia.. so cannot go out.. i afraid im gonna strike by lightning.. lol! stay at home until night, when the rain stop, i went out to Chai Chee! We breakdrance until we are very2 tired.. then yana called.. but only for a while cause her mother wont let her…

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1 Loyalty

i wish i can be strong and can fight the 1loy dudes. they make me mad! i hate them so much.. especially azhar and asri. i wish they were dead a long long time ago! i would definitely be very2 happy if they were gone! *evil laughter*.well actually.. i like them.. but they despises me…

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First Design

I finally managed to design my own blog using my own template.. =D. Tag board coming soon though. Haiz.. so bored.. nothing to do.. i want to go out.. but im too lazy..